Hello.I'm a Spin Music Pro owner. I had selected "breakbeat" channel but there aren't stations. The program is still stopped in "skipping" mode. How can I change the status or how can I change channel? Close the program or shut down the Mac has no effect. Thanx for your helping. — Asked by bellerofonte-chimera-deactivate

We have completely redesigned the backend of the app and is waiting for approval.  You will got a good amount of new channels for free. Stay Tuned

i have buy spin music pro but it doesn't start..i need to set up something?? — Asked by Anonymous


You should see the icon on your menu bar.

how do i turn off the music without deleting the app? — Asked by Anonymous

Just go to quit, if dos not work use the activity monitor to close it.

How do I get from one station within a genre to another? — Asked by Anonymous

Please use the skip menu on the Menu Bar.

memo syncing only one way

My memo only seems to sync one way - from mac to iphone. When I write information on the iphone then later turn on my mac, my new information on the iphone is deleted to match what is on the mac….

desperate to delete

I desperately need someone to contact me. This radio thing keeps playing on my computer and its not even allowing me to delete it……. PLEASE HELP

about custumer

it posible ..can i get sng from my country indonesia